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Ultimate - Bubble Bumper Ball





Either you are bumped or to be bumped! Bubble Bumper Ball, has become popular in recent years and it is fun, exciting and a good team building activity. Many organizations are using bubble ball as part of activity to build the team spirit. 

Do get your team together to have a friendly game and to build the team spirit and bonding. Bubble Ball activity can be organized in many occasions and are perfect for company team-building events, friend or family outing or get together fun event, birthday party, bachelor party, school day-out, fund-raisers etc….We welcome all form of functions. You name it - we do it. Whether you are a beginner or a season bubble baller, just laid back and our marshal will make sure you have an awesome time!

Package includes;

√ Bubble Bumper Ball 

√ Bubble Ball Field 

√ Game Master

1 hour (or less) game duration



This is a good opportunity to experience both the activities . From these session, you will be able to further testify the consistency of the teamwork in your team. Good teamwork in paintball = good teamwork in bubble ball?

Package includes;

√  Paintball Session 

    √  50 paintball 

    √  Face Mask / Body Vest / Marker

   √  Bubble Ball Field 

    √  Bubble Ball 

    √  Game Master 

   √  Approx. 1.5 hour or less 

Optional Add-on;

√  Cover-all rental
√  Paintball top-up