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Super Ride ATV




This is one of the most wanted package that guarantee you with the excitement and experience of the ATV rides. 

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! There is no need to acquire a licence to drive an ATV. Yes, no driving licence required and
you can drive like a pro. Think no more, get on to the machine and go go go! 
ATV is more than just a fun ride. The whole riding experience require you and the machine to work together as close partner. Trust is the key learning point in the whole ridding trip. The machine depends on your judgement and you depends on the machine capability. It is a perfect matches.  Riding in team is an inspiring experience and a great shared experience and teamwork which are very important skills in the collaborative work environments.  

ATV ridding activity can be organized in many occasions and are perfect for company team-building events, friend or family outing or get together fun event, birthday party, bachelor party, school day-out, fund-raisers etc….We welcome all form of functions and we are sure you and your team will have awesome and a memorable time!

Package includes;

√ ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)

√ Safety Helmet and Glove

√ The Track  

√ Ridding Master

 Approx. 2 hours duration 

Optional Add-on;

√ Cover-all rental